The season started in a proper way yesterday with the Old Man Winter Rally here in Boulder, so I felt like it warranted a quick blog update! 105km, 5,500+ feet of climbing, on February 12th; all things considered it could have gone much worse! 

For better or for worse, I went into the weekend pretty fatigued from some big trainings, so while I was trying to settle into the rhythm of the race at the back of the peloton, a big break of 15 guys escaped early and left me to chase. I spent the next 85km on the rivets with 3 other kind fellows that were willing to share some work in the wind. All day we gradually picked off guys who were consistently getting popped out of the break, but with Alex Howes charging up ahead on the road we never quite made contact with the front of the race. All in good fun, though! Pleased to finish 14th in the midst of some pretty hardcore roadies, and build some race fitness along the way!    

In other news, I found a coffee shop in Boulder that serves a proper Spanish coffee in those little clear glasses that you can never find in the US, so that's some notable progress. 

Also, the new 2017 Trek Top Fuel's are almost ready to rip, and Magura sent over some new eLect dropper posts to boost my enduro factor. I took this as an opportunity to put on my movie producer hat (See: #LevisPedalPictures), and put together this jaw-dropping trailer of Emily riding around the front lawn: 

In the miscellaneous category (as if the rest of this wasn't miscellaneous - also, "miscellaneous" is rediculous to spell), #LeviBikesForLikes is gonna be my new hashtag, and 2017 kits are finally ready to go from the RideBiker Alliance and Sugoi:

As a new major sponsor in 2017, MECHA Fitness in Boulder has a promo code for you to receive a FREE first week of classes. Use code STONGBIKERSGOFASTER and prepare to get swole.