The ultimate Spring Training adventure - bikes bikes bikes bikes bikes! I'll try to update this page periodically along the way with notes and pictures from travels, tribulations, and trainings. Chapeau! 

Day 0: A flat road race, and a lot of packing...

Nothing like starting off a long training block with a race! For the first real race and hard effort of the year, I can't complain about my legs. But I also can't lie - I got dropped HARD on the last lap. 

I can't complain about running the Bontrager race tubulars on my road bike though... I always forget how fast they are until I'm riding them!

I can't complain about running the Bontrager race tubulars on my road bike though... I always forget how fast they are until I'm riding them!

Afterward, it was time to head home and pack for the coming adventure. 

Day 1: An early start, and some sandy trails...

We tried to get a jump on the day, woke up early and jumped in the car headed for Fruita. 

We encountered some unusually dry conditions out at the Rabbit Valley trails, and our original ride plan was thwarted by deep sand that made most of the climbs un-ridable. 

Nothing like filling your brand new Bontrager shoes with sand!

Day 2: Awesome trails, and finally some good trainings...

Day 2 yielded some much better riding. The Lunch Loops trails in Grand Junction definitely earned their place as some of my all-time favorites. There's just so much good technical terrain - you can easily ride all day and continually find fun challenging trails to constantly push your limits.  

Scenic to say the least! I also had a chance to pre-ride some of the more technical sections of the Grand Junction Off-Road course - unfortunately, videos always have a way of making technical lines look tame. 

One of the trickier sections of the Grand Junction Off-Road course - videos never do the lines justice. It's much steeper than it looks!

Day 3: Escaping the rain and headed to Durango...

We woke up Tuesday morning in a slow, steady drizzle, and after a fun time taking down the tent in the rain loaded our soggy selves into the car and headed to Moab where the weather was predicted to be slightly drier. Luckily it was, and I ended up with an excellent single-track loop with hero dirt all around. Afterward, we drove the rest of the way to Durango. 

Day 4: Road riding, and some suffering with FLC...

Boy does it feel good to be home! The clouds cleared in Durango and the roads dried out perfectly for a long road ride followed by the Dead Elk Wednesday night TT put on by FLC Cycling... It was pretty windy by that point so the times were generally slow, but it felt good to put in a nice long hard effort nonetheless! These were days in Durango were also a great opportunity to shower, restock on food, and dry out the camping gear from last night's rain storm. 

Day 5: Durango MTB Extravaganza with Mike...

While not all the trails are dry yet in Durango, there's still a whole lot of shredding to be done! Mike and I took a long day on the MTBs to explore all the dry trails we could find. 

Day 6: Back to Moab for Outerbike...

Thankfully after six days of pretty hard riding, a recovery day was finally on the schedule. The short day on the bike also coincided nicely with another one of Colorado's infamous springtime blizzards: 

Emily and I arrived at Outerbike just as there was a brief pause in the storm where we managed to squeak in about 45 minutes of riding on the Bar M trails before rain chased us back to the car again. 

We also said a quick hello to one of our favorite sponsors for 2017 #Oakleyisso2008 

Say hello to Dave, from Julbo USA! 

Say hello to Dave, from Julbo USA! 

One upside of rain in Moab is that it scares away most of the people, so we were able to find an awesome camp spot up Kane Creek road while others were fleeing for the hotels. 

Day 7: Desert Solitaire... 

The rain stopped overnight and in classic desert fashion the dirt was dry enough by mid-morning to head out on the bike again. Feeling the fatigue in my legs, I opted out of another long day of technical trails and headed south on Kane Creek road in search of my inner Edward Abbey - that is, some crazy exploration far out in the desert. 

I found exactly what I was looking for out a trail called "Chicken Bends." Legend has it that the trail earned its name as miners and ranchers rode the trail on their horses back in the late 1800's. There are a few extremely exposed and narrow corners with a solid 200ft drop straight down to the Colorado River, which were apparently enough to turn even the most bad-ass into chickens. I can see why! 

Exploring the Chicken Bends above the Colorado River

On the way back to camp, even despite my tired legs, I couldn't resist the allure of Captain Ahab, and finished off the day with a loop on the Amasa Back trails. 

Day 8: Last Hurrah on Amasa! 

The last day of #LevisTrainingCamp2k17! No better way to finish it off than with some proper techy trails out in Moab. I had never ridden Rockstacker or Jackson's trail before and wow! Those trails are Rowdy with a capital R. Serious drops, and serious exposure, but also a blast! 

Emily also pushed her limits, but may have sent it just a bit too far towards the end. I managed to whip out my phone and hit record just in time for this: 

Emily sends hard.

Here's where it seriously pays off to invest in legit equipment. Her Julbo glasses and Bontrager helmet were pretty ravaged from sliding on sandstone, but we all rode home in one piece! 

That's all there is too it! 9 days, 30hrs on the bike, 355 miles (mostly of trails), 34,000ft of climbing. Zero flat tires with Kenda and Orange Seal, 4 rim hits on gnarly rocks with RideFast carbon rims but didn't even need to break out the spoke wrench. Pretty legit stats, and successes all around! 

Until next time!