I've been slacking on my posts for, well, about 9 months now. But, we all know that lifestyle blogs are trendy-as now a'days, so New-Years-Resolution #1 is to post fast and frequent. Short, sweet stuff will be the name of the game, and shameless sponsor promotions will be kept to a minimum, so as to avoid being trolled like Payson (sorry). 

That being said, I just rode the rollers indoors for the 5th day in a row (only 71 days until Spring!), so I made a SICK edit of the rides I've been doing: 

I listened to deep house and watched re-runs of the 2016 classics races for 2 hours. Livin' the life! 

I've also been skiing in the backcountry pretty regularly. At least the snow has been killer! Free refills all day. 

Post ski-day in the San Juans 

Post ski-day in the San Juans 

More to come about the coming 2017 season! Blessings.